Leadership Wood Buffalo - Class of 2016

Graduation Day!


Eleven days ago our lives changed. Right now friends and family maybe scattered throughout the country, but we still are a community and it’s Graduation Day!

We will have to rebuild and continue to support our social sector in the coming months, and these graduates will help our community emerge stronger. We may not be able to have a ceremony at this time to celebrate the hard work and dedication of these graduates, but we look forward to seeing them all and sharing in their achievements.

Leadership Wood Buffalo - Class of 2016

We are excited to congratulate the Leadership of Wood Buffalo Class of 2016!

Anand Mangad
Anastasia Meicholas
Annette LeBrun
Dan Edwards
Tinna Ezekeil
William Fitzpatrick
Jees Joseph
Jennifer Reid
Jina Burn
Kallin Hanson
TJ Carabeo
Krystell O’Hara
Moe Kdouh
Shyam Ganesh
Stephanie Myrick
Valerie O’Leary

We would also like to present the grads with a special message from Jim Kouzes on behalf of himself and Barry Posner the authors of The Leadership Challenge (the book used as framework for Leadership Wood Buffalo for the past 10 years).

We can’t wait to get started and rebuild our community together.