Justin Slade Youth Foundation (JSYF) is seeking individuals who want to make a difference for youth in our community.They are currently seeking passionate, outgoing individuals to join their fundraising committee.

The role of committee is to help achieve JSYF’s new fundraising goals by creating a fundraising strategy, participating in the development of project proposals to submit to potential and supporters and funders, and taking a leadership role in planning and implementing fundraising activities.
Committee members should possess the following skills:
 ~Experience with Community Outreach 
~Design and implement fundraising strategies, perform event planning, and manage logistics
 ~Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
 ~Good organization skills
 ~Good networking abilities
 ~Creative thinking
 ~Positive and energetic attitude and strong desire to meet goals and commitments
 ~Strong empathy with the mission and vision of JSYF

If you are interested in learning more about making a difference for youth, please contact Mandy Macdonald at: mandy.macdonald@jsyf.ca or 780-715-0010


About Justin Slade Youth Foundation

JSYF is a registered non-profit agency that provides youth ages 12-17 with organized programs, community engagement and a casual drop in center that promotes valuable opportunities for social interaction.
For the past 13 years since inception, JSYF has proudly served the young people of Fort McMurray with programs and workshops to help better themselves. All of their programming, events and activities are offered free of charge to any and all youth, regardless of what socio- economic status they may face.
The foundation’s programs are recreational, yet based on the idea of prevention. Each program hosted by the foundation has been done with the intention that youth who are involved and supported have more opportunities to make positive life decisions than those who lack support and empowerment.