Waypoints is looking for some bright, outgoing, friendly volunteers to assist us with canvassing for our annual dinner theatre.  

This year we need your help!  We have expanding to three nights from the previous two nights.

We need about 4-5 hours per week our of your time until the end of January to reach out to the community.

This volunteer role would include: making contact with businesses that may potentially donate items to our event to be used for the silent auction, following up with businesses and picking up items.

A vehicle would be required.

While every effort is made to keep the cost of maintaining and operating Unity House to a minimum, it takes  approximately $2.8 million to operate the shelter each year. The shelter families rely on support from our friends  in the corporate community and individual contributors. All proceeds from Waypoints; ‘A Knight To Remember’ dinner theatre will be used towards the operation of our local emergency women’s and children’s shelter, and ten  other programs that contribute to the fight against sexual assault, homelessness and family violence in our region.

About Waypoints

Waypoints Sexual Assault; Abuse Program provides support and advocacy, counselling, and education to children, women and men in the Wood Buffalo Region. Services are free of charge and are open to all people, regardless of ethnicity, faith, gender, culture, age, or sexual orientation. Waypoints also reaches and supports our outlying communities through our domestic violence outreach teams! These teams consist of a case worker and a counselor who provide services and supports throughout the region. These services include, but are not limited to; information and referrals to people affected by family violence,and connecting people affected by family violence to community resources.  Providing assistance and advocacy to clients who have experienced difficulties accessing community services.